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PWM Driver

PWM Driver

DELTROL's Pick and Hold module is designed to apply an initial full supply voltage to the coil for 250 mS and than drop the voltage to a pre-determined level through Pulse Width Modulation to avoid overheating the solenoid or valve coil. This provides a significant increase in initial pull in force for the solenoid or valve coil while maintaining the continuous duty rating without over heating of the coil.

Three different PWM values are available, these are factory preset. The output voltage for each duty cycle is listed below in Chart 1 for various supply voltages.

The module is a line mounted device with standard 6" long lead wires for connection the power supply and solenoid or valve coil.

Output Voltage for Duty Cycle

  Min Typ Max Units
Supply VDC 12 -- 48 VDC
Supply Volt Ripple -- -- 1% VDC
Pick Current -- -- 10 A
Hold Current (RMS) -- -- 3.8 A
Operating Temp -40 -- 85 Deg C
Storage Temp -55 -- 175 Deg C
PWM Frequency 300 320 500 Hz
Pick Time 200 250 300 mS
Repetition Rate 1x/s 1x/s 1x/s 1x/s
Mounting Position Unrestricted Unrestricted Unrestricted Unrestricted


Supply VDC Output 10% PWM Output 25% PWM Output 50% PWM
12 VDC 3.8 VDC 6.0 VDC 8.5 VDC
18 VDC 5.7 VDC 9.0 VDC 12.7 VDC
24 VDC 7.6 VDC 12.0 VDC 17.0 VDC
36 VDC 11.4 VDC 18.0 VDC 25.5 VDC
48 VDC 18.2 VDC 24.0 VDC 33.9 VDC

Output Voltages for other Supply voltages can be calculated per the following:

  • For 10% PWM Duty Cycle - Multiply the Supply voltage by 0.316
  • For 25% PWM Duty Cycle - Multiply the Supply voltage by 0.500
  • For 50% PWM Duty Cycle - Multiply the Supply voltage by 0.707

Deltrol's PWM module product will be available for sale in Q4 2017. Feel free to contact Deltrol to discuss your particular application, or to get advance samples for evaluation.
Specifications subject to change without notice.