The MED16x1.125 Locking Solenoid from Deltrol Controls is a tubular solenoid that is ideal for light locking applications.  The captive plunger is supported by an internal bronze bearing, and there is an internal return spring to move the plunger to the open position when the coil is de-energized.  The solenoid has a threaded bushing for easy installation.  The solenoid utilizes a UL certified insulation system.

Electrical Specifications

Coil Voltages: 12, 24 VDC (Other DC voltages available upon request)

Power: 8 Watts continuous

Coil Termination: 24 awg wire leads

Coil Treatment: Tape wrapped

Insulation Class: Class B Rating - 130ºC (266ºF) standard

Dielectric Strength: 30 volts and under, 500 VRMS | Over 30 volts, 1000 VRMS plus 2X rated voltage for 1 minute

Mechanical Specifications

Size: Ø1.00 x 1.125” [Ø25.4 x 28.6]

Plunger Diameter: Ø0.31" [Ø7.8]

Plunger Guide Material: Bronze bushing

Mounting: Ø0.75" [Ø19.1] threaded bushing

Weight: 4.4 oz [125 gms]

Life Expectancy: 250,000 cycles – dependent on application conditions

All Part Numbers

53805-80, 53805-81