• DPV1N Proportional Valve

The DPV1N proportional valve from Deltrol Controls allows the flow rate of fluid passing through the valve to be adjusted anywhere between fully off to fully open.  To accomplish this, the power to the solenoid coil is adjusted via PWM control to open the valve more or less.  Devices such as flowmeters, thermistors, or pressure sensors are commonly used to provide the feedback necessary to determine the power input to the solenoid coil to achieve the desired output.

Electrical Specifications

Coil Voltages: 12, 24, 36 VDC - Pulse Width Modulation input at 200 Hz
Coil Power: 13 Watts
Coil Terminals: 0.25" QC spade terminals
Duty Cycle: ​Continuous
Coil Treatment: Polyester encapsulated
Insulation Class: Class F 155º C (311º F)
Ambient Temperature: 25º C (77º F) max

Mechanical Specifications

Media: Water, air up to 193º F [93º C]
Operating Pressure: Up to 90 psi [6.2 bar]
Inlet/Outlet Connections: 5/16" [8mm], 1/4", 6mm Jaco Compression Fittings
Mounting Bracket: 2X #8-32 tapped holes on frame
Valve Body Material: PES - Polyethersulfone
Seal Material: EPDM
Weight: 8.5 oz (241 gms)

Agency Approvals: NSF

All Part Numbers

60101-60, 60112-60, 60346-80, 60346-81, 60346-82, 60348-80, 60348-81, 60348-82, 60349-81, 60350-80, 60350-81, 60350-82