Custom Assemblies

One of our core strengths is having a highly trained engineering staff to develop custom products for unique applications.  Our engineers will work with your company to understand your needs and develop products that perform better than off-the-shelf compromises.  Below are some examples of custom products we have developed for our customers.

Contact us to discuss your application and how we can work together to develop a unique product for your application. 

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  • Custom Switches - Proportional Valve For Dispensing SodaProportional Valve For Dispensing Soda

    This patented proportional valve assembly is a combination of state-of-the-art valve and electronics technology. It dispenses an accurate ratio of syrup and water over a wide range of fluid temperature, pressure, and viscosity.

  • Solenoid Lock AssemblySolenoid Lock Assembly

    This solenoid lock assembly controls access to doors in food vending machines.

  • Normally open inline valveNormally Open In-line Valve

    This normally open valve provides a vent function in a beverage machine.  The low-cost in-line construction is unique to the industry and minimizes the amount of space required for this type of component.

  • Proportional valve for welderProportional Valve for Welding Equipment

    This proportional valve is a low-cost device that controls the flow of air in welding equipment.  The proportional valve provides a constant flow of air over a wide range of input pressure.  It utilizes quick connect fittings and fits precisely into the customer's application.

  • 3-Way dispensing valve3-Way Dispensing Valve

    This 3-way dispensing valve is designed to dispense milk in a beverage machine.  The application is state-of-the-art, and the valve was custom designed for fit and function.

  • Beverage equipment proportional valveProportional Valve for Beverage Equipment

    This cost-effective proportional valve is used to control the flow rate of water in a beverage machine.

  • 3-Way Dispense Valve for Ice Maker3-Way Dispensing Valve for Ice Makers

    This 3-way valve is an adaptation of our DSVP12 dispensing valve that was custom designed for a customer's applicatoin.