Proportional Valves

  • Proportional Valves

Proportional valves from Deltrol Controls allow the flow rate of fluid passing through the valves to be adjusted anywhere between fully off to fully open.  To accomplish this, the power to the solenoid coil is adjusted via PWM control to open the valve more or less.  Devices such as flowmeters, thermistors, or pressure sensors are commonly used to provide the feedback necessary to determine the power input to the solenoid coil to achieve the desired output.

Model Flow Path MOPD psi [mbar] Max Flow fl oz [ml/sec] L in [mm] W in [mm] H in [mm] PDF
DPV1N DPV1N Proportional Valve 2-way 90 [6.2] See Data Sheet 34.0 [86.4] 1.39 [35.4] 2.45 [62.1] Datasheet PDF Download