Carbonated Water Dispensing Valves

  • Carbonated Water Dispensing Valves

2-Way solenoid valve designed to dispense still or carbonated water 0 to 6 psi and withstand a carbonation pressure up to 150 psi prior to vent and dispense.


  • Control the flow of carbonated water


  • Inlet I.D. and orifice are the same diameter
  • Uniform internal transitions reduce decarbonization
Model Flow Path MOPD psi [mbar] L in [mm] W in [mm] H in [mm] PDF
DSVP18N DSVP18N Carbonated Water Dispensing Valve 2-way 6 [.41] 2.47 [62.7] 1.49 [37.8] 3.02 [76.6] Datasheet PDF Download