Ice Machines

  • Dispensing Valves for Ice Machines

We supply easy-to-use liquid dispensing valves to commercial ice machine manufacturers who want to electrically drain water from ice machines after an ice making cycle is complete.

  • Our patented twist-lock design is the ice industry standard.
  • We offer valves with UL, NSF, WRAS, and ENEC certifications.
  • Our valves can be configured with bracket and coil rotations every 90º without the need for special parts or tools.
  • Our valves can be easily and quickly serviced without the need for tools.
  • We offer valves with IP69K coil options to reduce the likelihood of failure due to water ingression.
  • Our industry standard DSVP12 valve is available in ~48,000 permutations of port, bracket, and coil options.
  • We will develop custom options as required for your unique application.
  • Our valves are available with internally rectified coils where extremely quiet operation is required.
  • We have multiple manufacturing locations for reduced supply chain risk and cost.
Model Flow Path MOPD psi [mbar] Max Flow fl oz [ml/sec] L in [mm] W in [mm] H in [mm] PDF
DSVP11NHP DSVP11NHP 2-way 30 [2068] See Datasheet 3.7 [94.0] 2.2 [55.9] 1.9 [48.3] Datasheet PDF Download
DSVP12N DSVP12N 2-way 3.0 [207] 7.5 [222] 3.9 [99.1] 2.1 [53.3] 2.1 [53.3] Datasheet PDF Download
DSVP12NHF DSVP12NHF 2-way 3.0 [207] 8.0 [237] 3.7 [94.0] 2.1 [53.3] 2.1 [53.3] Datasheet PDF Download
DSVP17 Mini Dispensing Valve DSVP17 Mini Dispensing Valve 2-way 2 [138] See Datasheet 2.8 [71] 2.0 [51] 1.4 [35] Datasheet PDF Download