Latching Valve

  • Latching Valve

The latching solenoid valve from Deltrol Controls is a wet plunger pilot operated solenoid valve/operator. The latching solenoid is ideal for applications requiring low power consumption. The latching valve is available as an operator without a valve body allowing it to be incorporated directly into a customer’s application or as a stand along latching valve with a custom body.

  • Ideal for Battery Powered Applications
  • Available as Actuator for Custom Applications
  • Custom Valve Body Designs Available Upon Request
  • DC Coil Voltages

Electrical Specifications
Coil Voltages: 6, 12 DC
Coil Power: 3 Watts
Coil Terminals: 20 AWG Lead Wires
Duty Cycle: 20 ms Pulse
Coil Treatment: Polyester Encapsulated
Insulation Class: Class F 155˚C ( 311˚F )
Ambient Temperature: 50˚C ( 122˚F )
Mechanical Specifications

Media: Water, Air up to 93˚C ( 200˚F )
Operating Pressure: 100 psi ( 6.9 bar)
Mounting Bracket: 2 x 0.13
Valve Body Material: Nylon
Seal Materials: EPDM
Weight: 1.0 oz.
Agency Approvals: Pending