Power Relays

  • Power Relays

Power Relays are cost-effective 15-50 Amp switching devices used in a wide variety of applications.


  • Electrical loads of 15 to 50 Amps
  • Contact configurations through 3PDT
  • Low cost alternatives to small contactors
  • Class F coil insulation system for 155°C total temperature
  • Coils molded in Polyester for environmental protection
  • Panel, PC terminal, 8 pin Jones plug mounting options

Typical Applications: Motor controls, lighting controls, surge protection, electric heat motor controls, HVAC, laundry equipment, welding equipment, traffic controller equipment, power supplies, control panels, spa controls

Model Cover Max Amp Pole Config Terminals PDF
270 Open 35 Thru DPDT 0.25 QC Datasheet PDF Download
275 Flange, Plain, Top Mount, Stud 35 Thru DPDT 0.25 QC | pcb terms Datasheet PDF Download
295 295 - Power Relays Plain 20 DPDT 0.25x.055 Datasheet PDF Download
375 375 - Power Relays Flange, Top Mount 30 Thru 3PDT 0.25 QC Datasheet PDF Download
900 900 - Power Relays Open 50 Thru DPDT QC/Screw Type Datasheet PDF Download