DSV28N-NC-W (Normally Closed Wet Plunger)

  • DSV28N-NC-W

The DSV28N-NC-W from Deltrol Controls is a 2-way, normally closed, wet plunger solenoid valve.  It is ideal for applications where it is not necessary to separate the media from the solenoid plunger. 

Electrical Specifications

Coil Voltages:
24, 100, 120, 200, 240 VAC I 12, 24, 36 VDC
110/120 VAC, 208 VAC, 220/240 VAC 50/60 Hz Shaded Pole
Coil Power: 7 Watts / 8.2VA
Coil Terminals: 0.25" QC spade terminals
Duty Cycle:​ Continuous = 100%
Coil Treatment: Polyester encapsulated
Insulation Class: Class F 155º C (311º F)
Ambient Temperature: 122°F [50°C]

Mechanical Specifications

Media: Water, air up to 200ºF [93º C]
Operating Pressure: 150 psi [10.2bar]
Inlet/Outlet Connections:
-6mm & 0.25" Push to connect fittings
-5/16" [8 mm], 1/4", or 6 mm Jaco compression fittings
-1/4" barb fittings for 1/4" ID tubing
-2X Ø0.15 [3.8] holes on body for self-tapping screws
-3/4" panel mount body option available
Valve Body Material: PSU - Polysulfone, Nylon
Seal Material: EPDM, Nitrile, Fluorocarbon
Weight:  4.0 oz (113 gms)

Agency Approvals: UR, cUR, NSF

All Part Numbers

60114-60, 60118-60, 60354-81