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Custom Solenoids

  • Custom Solenoids

A core competency of Deltrol Controls is developing custom solenoid solutions for unique customer applications.  Our engineers will work with your company to understand your needs and develop products that perform better than off-the-shelf compromises.  Below are some examples of custom products we have developed for our customers.  Please note that minimum quantities apply for custom solenoid designs.

D11ML 2-Position Magnetic Latching Solenoid
D11ML 2-Position Magnetic Latching Solenoid

This 2-position magnetic latching solenoid is used in a locking device.  It utilizes Deltrol's patented shock absorbing feature to extend product life.  It also includes a custom tip to allow the push rod to engage the locking mechanism in the application.

C9 Custom Solenoid

This C9 solenoid was customized to be used as a lockout device in a beverage equipment application.  It includes a captivated push style plunger with a return spring.  It also includes a full wave bridge rectifier assembled to the body of the solenoid.

Solenoid Lock Assembly

Deltrol Controls developed this solenoid assembly for a manufacturer of electric door locks.  It includes a coil arrangement that supports dual voltages, custom brackets, and a unique plunger captivation feature.

D70 Custom Solenoid

This D70 solenoid was developed by Deltrol Controls to include an internal rectifier circuit, encapsulated coil, and external MOV for transient spike protection.

D90 Custom Solenoid

This custom D90 solenoid was developed by Deltrol Controls to include a captivated plunger, return spring, and plunger stop feature.