• DSVP41 Inlet Solenoid Valve

The DSVP41-R from Deltrol Controls is a pilot-operated 90º valve designed to control the flow of water from a water main.

Electrical Specifications

Coil Voltages: 24, 120, 240 VAC | 12, 24 VDC
Coil Power: 8 Watts
Coil Terminals: 0.25" QC spade terminals
Duty Cycle:
-10 min on / 5 min off @25º C media / ambient
-3 min on / 5 min off @90º C media / ambient
Coil Treatment: Nylon encapsulated
Insulation Class: Class A 105º C (221º F)
Ambient Temperature: Up to 90º C (194º F) max

Mechanical Specifications

Media: Water up to 90º C (194º F) max
Operating Pressure: 5-145 psi [0.34- 10 bar]
Flow Regulator Options: See data sheet
Operating Position: Coil should be horizontal or upside down, not upright
Inlet/Outlet Connections:
-Inlet: 3/8-18 NPT brass fitting
-Outlet: Ø0.47 barb
Mounting Bracket: See data sheet
Filter Screen: Removable plastic screen in inlet port
Valve Body Material: Glass filled nylon
Seal Material: EPDM
Weight: 6.3 oz (179 gms)

Agency Approvals: UR, cUR, NSF, ENEC (do not apply to all models)


All Part Numbers

75072.60, 75072-60, 75072-61, 75073-60, 75076.60, 75076-60, 75081-60, 75084-60, 75085-61, 75086-60, 75089-60, 75089-61