Deltrol Controls offers a wide variety of dispensing valves, solenoid valves, linear solenoid actuators, and relays commonly used in commercial refrigeration OEM designs.


Refrigeration Valves

Deltrol Controls refrigeration valve design is compact and economical. Designed to withstand refrigerants up to 180 degrees F and operating pressures to 300 psi. Materials selected for the refrigeration valve construction include lead free brass valve body, seal options include Neoprene & Viton. Standard coil voltages include 110/120VAC & 220/240VAC.


Commercial refrigeration applications often require high power switching. Deltrol Controls offers one of the most extensive power relay product lines in the industry. We also offer a complete line of general purpose, magnetic latching, buzzers, and clappers. Applications include compressors, and other high-power draw components.