The MED24x2.40 from Deltrol Controls is a tubular solenoid that provides high force and long life in DC voltage applications.  The solenoid has a threaded bushing for easy installation.  Continuous duty options have UL certification, while intermittent and pulse duty options utilize a UL certified insulation system.

Electrical Specifications

Coil Voltages: 6, 12, 24, 115 VDC (Other DC voltages available upon request)
Power: 14 Watts continuous, 40 Watts intermittent, 140 Watts pulse
Coil Termination: 20 awg wire leads
Coil Treatment: Tape wrapped
Insulation Class: Class B Rating - 130ºC (266ºF) standard
Dielectric Strength: 30 volts and under, 500 VRMS | Over 30 volts, 1000 VRMS plus 2X rated voltage for 1 minute

Mechanical Specifications

Size: Ø1.50 x 2.40” [Ø31.8 x 61]
Plunger Diameter: Ø0.63" [Ø15.9]
Plunger Guide Material: Brass
Mounting: Ø1.25" [Ø31.8] threaded bushing
Weight: 15.1 oz [428 gms]
Life Expectancy: 250,000 cycles – dependent on application conditions

All Part Numbers

53795-81, 53795-82, 53795-85, 53795-86, 53795-89, 57271-60, 57271-61, 57311-60, 57409-60